The Biggest Night of Action: You Are Here

Posted: April 30, 2010 by toonfaithful in Animation Reviews, ToonamiFaithful

Hello, my name is ToonFaithful aka Mr. Freeze from Toon Zone’s forum. I am a big fan of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien and Generator Rex so I just wanted to write about this action block. It’s called You Are Here, it all started on October 3, 2008. Now, I wasn’t a big fan of the block when it first started so stay with me if I get my info wrong. You Are Here has awesome package promos, shows, and music that goes with the bumpers. The first shows on the block were The Secret Saturdays, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Ben 10: Alien Force.

Some of these shows are still on the block and some of them aren’t unfortunately. All these shows were unique  giving the block an awesome feeling. The Secret Saturdays was an awesome show. I didn’t care for it when it first debuted but later on I loved it. Star Wars: The Clone Wars is alright. Somewhat a fan of the Star Wars universe but this was good and sorry to all the people who like the 2008 series but the 2003 miniseries created by Genndy Tartakovosky was awesome! Ben 10: Alien Force. Now the original series was good but this was an improvement. Ben is not a whiny kid, Gwen is not a stuck up brat, and Kevin isn’t a villian anymore. People are complaining about the bad writing on the show, I don’t care. I’m fine with it. Since the series/season ended in March, I’ve been watching the sequel to the series, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien which comes on every Friday @ 8:00pm ET! Watch it!

Back to You Are Here as a whole block. Like I’ve said before the package promos are good, music is great, and the shows are awesome. Also, people are worrying about the block’s status in the future. Lets just say we hope the block stays with the Cartoon Network community. Upcoming shows! Sym-Bionic Titan, Young Justice, and more! I am eagerly anticipating Sym-Bionic Titan’s promo. Cartoon Network already stated in their press release that Sym-Bionic Titan is premiering this summer. Now all I want to know is what month is the show gonna premiere?! June? July? August?

I am praying that You Are Here stays with the Cartoon Network community in the future and that it’ll be more awesome with shows like Sym-Bionic Titan, Young Justice, etc. Atleast You Are Here will stay in my heart.

 Tonight, catch new episodes of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien @ 8pm, Generator Rex @ 8:30pm, and the season finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars @ 9pm & 9:30pm! Where you at?! You. Are. Here.

  1. Spaceman says:

    This might sound strange but I’m already feeling nostalgic for the original YAH. I miss watching back-to-back premieres of Secret Saturdays and The Clone Wars; they were the first CN shows I actually tuned into weekly in years. I thought they complimented each other rather well with TCW obviously being based on the prequels (dazzling effects, epic battles and stilted dialogue :P) while TSS felt closer to the spirit of the original trilogy (swashbuckling comic-book action and snappy characterizations and humor) despite having absolutely nothing to do with Star Wars. Batman: TB&TB came a month later and while it was hit-n-miss at first, it would eventually go on to produce some of the greatest animated half-hours in recent memory. Ben 10, well, never cared for any of it as I find it’s writing and characterizations to be the epitome of uninspired and lazy. So the original YAH line-up was 3 for 4 in my book.

    Then CN, in the midst of a horrific summer of 2009, decided to mess things up by temporarily dismantling the block, and permanently kicking Secret Saturdays (my favorite YAH show) out of the block and into several horrible timeslots with almost no advertisement or reruns. Then when the block came back, they added Johnny effin Test as if that show didn’t already eat up enough of CN’s airwaves. Thankfully it’s gone now.

    Now there’s Generator Rex, and thankfully I like it so far and already find it to be much more enjoyable than Ben 10 ever was. Hopefully, Tartakovsky’s SymBionic Titan delivers as well.

  2. toonfaithful says:

    For some reason, Johnny Test is haunting me on the TV Guide. For next Friday it says Johnny Test is airing at 7:30pm. It’s a typo but man that scared me. I agree with you on the nostgalia feel on You Are Here. Those package promos IMO gave away a Toonami feel. Might’ve been Peter Cullen’s voice that gave it away but anyways, I agree with everything you said.

  3. Sketch says:

    When I read that You Are Here was actually something Sean Akins has been working on I gained a greater appreciation for the block. That may seem superficial but hey going from Toonami for years to You Are Here was a bit jarring. I guess I should have figured it was Sean’s but the thought never really crossed my mind.

    The problem I had with YAH in it’s inception is I didn’t really like the style nor did I enjoy many of the programs. The Secret Saturdays was alright but a bit dull in my opinion while Ben 10: Alien Force was only decent entertainment and Star Wars bore me to tears. Later Brave and the Bold offered the first show on the block I genuinely enjoyed watching and now they have Generator Rex and soon Sym-Bionic Titans which at least looks promising. So the block is finally catching my interest though not enough to pay for cable so I just watch Rex and Batman on CN Video.

    YAH even from the beginning did a fine job of continuing Toonami’s legacy even if I didn’t particularly care for the shows or the packaging. It’s CN’s current action block and now it’s pretty good overall and may get even better.

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