Chris Giarrusso’s G-Man

Posted: April 28, 2010 by qbcomics in Comics, Comics Reviews, Uncategorized

Hi there! My name is QBComics and I am a member of The ScratchPad. This is my first post in any kind of blog so please bear with me if it isn’t the best written post you’ve ever seen. I also apologize at how short this post is. Next week’s should be longer. Today I’d like to talk about a certain comic that may have flown under your comics radar. It’s a small little comic called G-Man, created by Chris Giarrusso and published by Image Comics.

G-Man started back as a back up to the popular Savage Dragon comic in issue #93 under the title Comic Bits. There, the comic would dedicate one to two pages of Chris Giarrusso’s work. It was a fun, lighthearted comic that was a nice change of pace to the darker, more grittier comics out there at the time. From there Chris has done multiple comics including back-ups, one shots, and mini series.

The art is just fantastic. It has it’s own unique style that is a very colorful and cartoonish. The characters are full of life and some of the expressions are hilarious. The backgrounds are very detailed, giving the world more character. The color palette is awesome, because it is what really makes this comic pop out. When looking at a shelf full of comics are you going to noticed the brightly colored comic or the millions of dark, broody covers?

G-Man is a fun comic for all ages that will put a smile to your face. It’s great for kids just starting to read comics and fun for adults who need to get away from life after a long day at work. The writing is clever, the art wonderful, and the characters interesting and exciting. Chris Giarrusso’s mini-series Cape Crisis currently just ended, but you should be able to find it at your comic store or online. You can also check out Chris Giarrusso’s website at There, you can also check out his popular Mini Marvel back ups he did for Marvel. I hope you enjoyed this post and you check out this comic, because it is definitely one of my favorites!


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